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How do I go about furthering my education?

Persons born in the U.S. are citizens of the U.S. You can apply as a citizen, but not as a resident. Non-residents pay higher tuition and fees than residents. It would be smart to establish residency somewhere in the U.S. before attending in the vicinity of where you are a newly established resident. You will need to submit quite of bit of paperwork, to include proof of citizenship (birth certificate, or something that is authorized instead of a birth certificate). Residency requirements also vary. Most districts require you to live there at least a year before you can claim residency status. The smart thing to do would be, to pick a few colleges that you are interested in, and then read their college catalogs. If you can visit an administrations counselor at the colleges for which you are interested, such would be good too, but read as much as the college catalog(s) as you can, before meeting with an admissions counselor.

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