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I have been denied a US visa thrice due to fake visas on my passport?

Your children being US citizens and you taking them with you to the embassy will in no way affect your chances of getting a visa to the USA. Having US minor children in no way entitles you to any immigration benefit and US law in no way requires a US citizen to be on US soil. Plenty of US-born children are raised abroad. If youve been refused a visa three times, you pretty much know the reason. If your aforementioned fake visas were fake US visas, give up now. Youve pretty much been declared inadmissible to the USA for immigration fraud. If the fake visas are non-US visas but the consular officer knows they are fake, youre being denied for being deceptive about your immigration intent and general untrustworthiness. Youve obviously tried to get around immigration laws in the past and that works against you in a decision to obtain a visa legitimately. In immigration issues your past does catch up to you. And when it does it is often permanent and painful. No one is entitled to a visa to any country and playing fast and loose with other countries laws as a would-be guest irritates most nations to no end. They express that irritation in the form of simply not letting you in.

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