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Why has the US Embassy in Accra taken more than 15 weeks to return my?

Firstly, I think they will surely get back to you once they are done with whatever their doing. Secondly anytime an application delays to this extent then it means they really want to be sure about you and are doing other background checks before they make a decision. It happens most times. I had a friend who had a similar case just like you, after a long wait they told him they are afraid they cant give him the visa, the reason being that He applied for a lottery visa and he was a winner but he did not turn up at the embassy years ago and they are not sure whether he had right reasons to travel now, besides who will turn down a lottery visa from Ghana. Lastly, looking at the present predicament with visa and deportation issues facing Ghanaians in the US, they really want to make sure you are travelling for the right reasons and this takes us back to sever background checks. Try and contact them if possible to get a better explanation. Cheers

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