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After your naturalization interview for your US citizen application,?

After your naturalization interview the next step is your oath ceremony where you get to swear in as a U.S. citizen once youve been approved. Some offices offer same day oath ceremonies and some will have to be scheduled a few weeks after approval. Youre not a U.S. citizen until you take the oath of allegiance and swear in at your oath ceremony. There youll be given a certificate of naturalization which is evidence of your U.S. citizenship status. Youll need this to apply for your U.S. passport. Passports applications normally take 2 to 5 weeks though you could expedite with a $60 fee extra to receive earlier. You could get it within a few hours or couple of days if you have proof of immediate travel in less than 2 weeks. Youll have to apply at a passport agency for a rush passport in such a scenario.

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