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If you have visited the US embassy for the past 12years with a?

Anyone can always make an application for a visa-unless of course you have been disqualified for some reason such as a previous deportation or fraud. No limitations because of previous refusals. If you have a new name and birth date, be prepared to explain why there has been a change in your information and explain this upfront. Do not answer any part of the application untruthfully. Even if you do not come up with a history on a name check alone-since your name has changed-eventually the fingerprints will be matched and it will become apparent that you have previously applied under another name/birth date and if you do not disclose your previous applications when asked, this constitutes reasons for refusal. One has to have a pretty good explanation for a change in name or birth date-small spelling changes, sure, maybe a day or a few difference in a birth date due to administrative reasons, but any more than that will really need some good documentation to show why this basic info has changed.

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