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Hi guys - my US B1?

Email can be spoofed very easily. And usually US consulates prefer to communicate by postal mail, not email, wherever and whenever possible. So, more than likely, someone who knows you and knows that you have been issued a fresh US visa, is trying to play a practical joke on you or trying to scam you for more information (to be used in god knows what) Contact the consulate which issued your visa and inquire from an official person about the legitimacy of such an email. Usually those questions are asked during the visa interview, not afterwards. Also, you referred to the sender of this email as DHS/ICE. ICE has nothing to do in your home country. Their operation ground is the US and they only enforce the immigration violations. You havent violated any US immigration rules yet, as you are still home, not in the US. That email stinks scam to high heavens in my opinion.

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