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Hi Tim, I applied for student visa and did not mention a US visa?

Your question is missing the most critical piece of information, student visa for WHICH COUNTRY? Do you think we are gods to make a guess and then answer you? The answer absolutely depends on what country you are talking about. If you applied for a US student visa, and marked no for a question specifically asking for previous refusals, then you visa will be refused and you may also be barred from entering the US forever if the visa officer refuses the visa under section 212(a)(6)(C)(i) (material representation. If you applied for a student visa for any of the other five eyes countries, which are Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, then they have access to that information, but only when they check. So if they ever want to check, then they can find out. There is a high probability that they would not check for this specific application unless they find something suspicious. So they may issue you a visa. But at a later stage when you apply for Permanent Residence, then they would make extensive checks and then it would come up. If that comes up at a later stage, again your application would be refused. So it may come back to haunt to you at a later stage, even if not this time. I know people who made such mistake while applying for a student visa but it was later caught after 5 years for some other visa extension and they were banned from entering the country. If you have already made the mistake, then pray that it never gets caught.

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