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I am single in my passport but married and separated.?

What kind of passport in the world shows whether a person is single or married? I am very curious. If you are referring to maiden name vs your married name, it has no bearing on your marital status. More and more married women dont bother to change their names after getting married. If we are talking about woman attorneys and physicians in the U.S., almost NONE of them would bother to change. If we are talking about the Middle Eastern culture, women there simply dont change names upon marriage. Regardless of you are a physician or Middle Eastern woman, the take away is the U.S. government knows maiden vs married name is a POOR gauge to evaluate a persons marital status. I have a friend who continues to use her ex-husbands name upon divorce because she thinks its too much work to change back! As others pointed out, you are married until your divorce is finalized. Further, its a LOT EASIER for a married woman to get a U.S. tourist visa than a single woman. Why would you not tell the truth then?

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