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I was not born in the United States and have never lived there.?

You hold a US passport. That is proof enough that you are a US national. Now look through the pages of the passport, is there anywhere that says (around page 27) The bearer is a United States National and not a United States Citizen If you do not see the stamp on your passport, congratulations, you are a United States citizen. If you show up to the passport control in the US head to the US citizen line. If you show up to a job interview in the US, you can proudly say you are an American and have the right to work in the US. (Apply for SSN first) If you are applying for the FAFSA, you can claim you are a US citizen. If the voting season is around the bend, congrats, you can vote. If you are a male past the age of 26, you have to explain to the SSS why you haven't registered. After you register with the SSS, and the United States goes to war, you can tremble in fear of being drafted. If you are working overseas, you owe Uncle Sam taxes. Congrats!

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