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Can an Indian born EB2 US green card applicant use his spouses?

No, you can not change your country of birth, with a minor exception that you were born in a country where neither of your parents were born or legally resident at the time of your birth. Then you can claim the country of birth of one of your parents, if that country is eligible to participate. In your case, Since you were born in India, the only way to claim a different birth country, neither of your parents were born in India or be residents of india at the time of your birth. Otherwise, your chargeability is to India and that country havent been able to participate DV-1 program for a long long time. If your wife was not born in India, she can claim her country of birth, if that cpiuntry is eligible to participate and if she is picked in the lottery, you can be her derivative, as your name will be on her application document. You can not claim the same country as your country of birth to double your chances as you seem to be hoping to do.

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