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What happens after my friends Colombian wife applied for a US?

My experience was the opposite. We had been married for some time, I think 11/2 years. We went to the US Consulate in Montevideo, Uruguay. I went with her. This is a very short overview of the interview: Who is he? My Husband Why are you applying in Montevideo? We live here Do you have something to show that? The guard out front has my Uruguayan ID Can you describe how you got married? [a brief story about meeting, getting married, where the married was, etc]. Visa granted. They also said that although application for US Residency had to be done in the US, they could help us get started if we wanted. That was never my plan, and my (now ex) wife knew from day 1 that I had no plans to visit or return to the US. They seemed annoyed at my presence until my role was explained (husband). They didnt ask to see married certificate, photos, or even proof of living in Uruguay beyond the the guard has my ID. There was a fair age difference (15 years). She was not a beauty queen, nor from the ugly farm. I suspect had we gone to the US Consulate in Bogota the week, month or even a few months after the wedding it would have been a challenge. I told her whatever she did, to never overstay her entry. As far as I know she followed that advice, so the door should be open for another US visa in the future if she wants.

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